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    Default whittier halibut

    Is it worth heading out to Whittier this weekend for halibut? or maybe a silver or two? Id like to look for some deer or a bear in the afternoon if the fishing does not pan out. Off North Perry was ok 2 weeks ago for halibut and a few nice yellow eye. any suggestion on where or what to try out there?

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    After slogging through 6-7 footers last Saturday we managed to catch 5 halibut in 3.5 hours. Nothing of size to brag about but my friends got to take a few pounds back down south with them. It was nasty fall weather on Saturday but Sunday was a gorgeous Whittier day. We didn't see any salmon jumping and from what I've heard I wouldn't count on it. You could catch one here and there but nothing like what I've seen in the past. I'll hopefully be out for deer in the next weekend or two so look me up if you're out. Good luck!

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