Here is a revue on my Bushcraft knives and my survival knives. Its a very experienced hunter that hunts world wide.

I have the last few years exclusively used different knives from Fallkniven AB when I have hunted.
After a successful goat hunting so I forgot my TK3 & when I looked the day after I found no knife amongst all the bushes and leaves ...
I had done some knives when I was younger and decided that now I own with orange handles.
Meanwhile I searched on the internet after knife then I remembered that I had seen a knife with a great orange handles that one Swedish Cutler had done, after a business searching, I found Seved Hjelm.
The first blade I ordered the Seved was a Bushcraft blade, it was the blade that he had done.
When the blade came home I saw immediately that it suited my larger hands and it was well done with a straight grinding phase and primary edge.
Now I bought a couple of different blades including, Survivel, Woodie & Bushy that I handle myself.
During these two years, these widely used during the search of such deer, grouse and wild reindeer hunting in the mountains, sea birds out to sea, from sticking to the withdrawal of a bunch of animals.
It is clear that the blades must be sharpened when & where but with Survivel blade, it was sharp even after I flayed by three large wild boar in the winter and it is not common ..
I also had my PH using it when I was in Namibia last, he took care of kudu, black wildebeest and a Warthog before I cut it back. He was really happy so he could keep it.
It was also used to stick an Oryx, he stuck it in the atlas vertebra & Stripes properly, but it was as straight as before and no splinters from the edge. Admittedly, it is on the low side but still worked excellent for such a large animal.
Now I have drawn up a proper stick knife Seved made in Elmax, when completed & Hunting season is over and I'll write a bit about it.
The problem for me is that I find it hard to decide which of the knives to be there when I pull on the hunt, but my Fällkniven AB knives are always at home

Johan Sörberg

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