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    I was talking with a buddy last night and he asked a question I wanted to ask a long time ago but forgot. Are there any fields around here for hunting? Yes I know the hay flats are a big hay field, but I haven't came across a place where a coffin blind would really be of use, unless of course you want a a water coffin. And I'm sure that the few fields that are around are either secret or private land, just knowin my luck. Feel free to say I haven't looked hard enough to but hey, the internet is supposed to make scouting easier right?

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    If you would put your location in your profile then folks would know which "around here" you are talking about. Internet anonymity only goes so far when you start asking specific questions.

    You can spend some time driving around the Point Mackenzie and Big Lake areas checking out the hay fields out there, and asking the farmers if they have any geese showing up in them.

    The thing you have to consider when you talk field hunting geese is the type of food being grown that is drawing them in. In Upper Cook Inlet they grow grass hay for feed stock. Hay is not goose food, even though they spend all day on the ball fields along 9th ave eating grass. Lawn grass is easier to eat than field hay and nobody is shooting at them.

    With out a high energy or protein food like a bean or cereal grain the geese are going to be hard to get into a field up here.

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    checked Mackenzie area out this weekend, was not too promising, but got some good info from trooper, hit me up when you got time, curious how trip up yetna went


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