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Thread: Ak Hunting News: Bear Viewers Want to Push McNeil Boundaries Even Further

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    Arrow Ak Hunting News: Bear Viewers Want to Push McNeil Boundaries Even Further

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    "While many are celebrating the recent decision by the Alaska Board of Game to not open hunting on state lands near one of the state's most popular bear-viewing spots, those who have led the fight to protect the bears say the battle is far from over," the Homer Tribune recently wrote.

    The article describes how bear numbers at the McNeil falls are diminishing and some are blaming hunting....and want the closed area boundary to be placed even further out.

    Read the entire story in the Homer Tribune >>>

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    Default habituated bears

    If folks are concerned about habituated bears being hunted perhaps we should not be habituating bears. Seems to go against every basic rule of treatment of wildlife.

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    Thumbs down Give an inch...

    This is just like someone else adamantly stated recently about this issue, why do we have boundaries? Now that hunting was not allowed greenies want to extend the McNeil boundaries and even eventually eliminate hunting in Katmai. Should have allowed hunting in Kamishak and showed the bunny huggers that the boundaries are difinitive and non-wavering.


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    This article alone provides the evidence that shows hunting is not the reason for the decline....and certainly not enough information to expand sanctuary boundaries...

    1. Declining Chum runs in the area......uh, that's what they eat.
    2. Normal to high adult male proportions in the population.....uh, that's what people hunt for.
    3. Hunters supported not hunting this why push it....ridiculous

    The Days are most likely concerned about their livelihood and hardly the health of the bears.....which from the folks I've talked to are just fine....and at a hunting rate of 9 to 17 bears a year....hardly in danger....things change....populations fluctuate despite us no matter how powerful we think we are....ridiculous

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    Default give an inch they take a mile

    No doubt. Pretty interesting how they always want to blame hunting for decrease in numbers. I sat in one one advisory council meeting a while back where one of these clowns tried to blame bear habituating on anglers as well. He made no mention of the photographers (him) who are constantly in the bears' faces getting the "perfect" shot. After our hunt on the Peninsula last year, the bio checking our bears indeed said that by harvesting older male bears, the bear population actually increases as many more cubs survive. That's a fact most "bear huggers" don't realize.

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    This was in the "works" long before the BOG meeting, these groups have to keep an agenda going, it helps keep money rolling in for them.

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    wow enviromentalist groups really really really really suck at getting things done the first people in line to protect game habitat should be and could be hunter and fishermen but they go out and push for junk like this and alienate everybody.

    When ANWR was created the first people the environmentalist went to was the tannana valley sportman's asscosiation and ANWR is arguably the most successful wildlife refuge in the state.
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    Still think I was overstating the agenda of these folks???? There goal is "liberation" of of all animals no pets, no ranches or chickien farms, illegal to hunt or fish or even to eat any animal products! These folks are obssesed and verey media savy. Sounds like a small thing but we have to watch our selfs if we want to maintane our lifstyle. Remember 80% of the population des'nt give a rip and are on the fence when it comes to our huntting privlages! We must put our best face forward and get more media savy! As I stated in a diferent post the anti huntting groups monitor us and get most of there propaganda from us! Drop terms like "Trophy hunter" it dose'nt appliy to anyone here anyway. Use the term harvested not killed in mixed company and above all no matter how much you want to harvest a tourist being the better man and remaining polite will do alot to win folks over to our side of the issue. People vote bassed on feelings not logic!

    Just one worried Alaskans opinion.
    Rick P

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    Default Mr. Nice GUY

    Since I can't harvest an animal activist and put him on the wall with all the other poor misfortunate and mistreated animals they have defiled. Can I, butt-strokem, just enough to get a message across. AW! come on just a little!! HUH HUH ?
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