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    Im Going Up There To Hunt Wolf, Spifically In Gmu 13a,13d Maybe 13b And 14a. Any Comments On Where To Go There?? Ill Be Using E-calls Plus Mouth Calls. This Method Works For Me Here In New Mexico On Coyotes. Any Suggestions?

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    Default one idea

    Broad Pass, where the Park's Highway runs, just south of Cantwell might be a good place to start (this is in subunit 13E). This valley has quite a few small wolf packs that have been elusive this year. The Cantwell AC chairman says the packs have killed several moose in the pass this year, fairly close to the highway, but apparently nobody is trying to trap over there this year (that I know of yet).

    There's a large powerline that runs parallel to the highway on the east side for several miles just south of Cantwell. I would suggest cruising that stretch of highway, see if you can find a good spot with lots of fox tracks (if you find wolf tracks, awesome), but take off from there with snowshoes and head east across the powerline. There is a hill on the other side, and you don't have to hike too high to get to good vantage points. Check it out early in the morning, dress warm. The snow might be deep in places but it should be windblown and crusty there.

    Most other regular places in Unit 13 right now are skimpy on wolves. Trappers have been very effective this year, including one road trapper on the Delta River (a usually good place to call for coyotes and wolves). The wolf control pilots have been pretty effective at taking wolves along the Denali Highway these last 2 years. I heard there's still a pack of about 5 wolves running from Windy Creek west of Cantwell east to Reindeer Hills lately. Caribou wintering the area this year have kept the wolves there. Reindeer Hills and Well's Creek might be an option if you can get up the Denali Highway a little way.
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    You will find there are much less wild dogs running around here than in the lower 48, I've lived here my entire life and have seen one wolf near tangle lakes and one coyote in yukon territory. Good luck and be very patient!
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    I just shot a wolf on Sunday, was heck of a track and shoot. Check the regulations for your hunting area and see if you can go and track and shoot them.
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