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Thread: Missing SPOT on Haul Rd

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    Default Missing SPOT on Haul Rd

    Probably a long shot, but I think I left me SPOT messenger thing on the roof of my truck, then drove off. I last had it at the pullout across from where the Ribdon river comes into the Sag, South of Pump 3. I was up there on the 9/12. If you come across it, my number is 223-6899 thanks.

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    Check in with SPOT. I know mine is set up for them to look at its location if it is lost, but I cannot remember if it is a default option or one you have to pay for. As long as it is turned on they should be able to locate it. It may require you to get the GPS coordinates from them and drive back up there to it...if no-one has picked it up.

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    Tune into your online spot options, online. if they turn it on you will see it. It has a unique ESM #.


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