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Thread: store boat for winter with canvas on or will it crack??

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    Default store boat for winter with canvas on or will it crack??

    its my 1st winter with my new thunder jet hawk outboard,I never had a boat with a top before.I will be storing my boat outside for the winter,under a portable shelter,should I remove the top and side curtains and store them inside or can they be left on the boat without cracking the top and side curtains??temp will get down to -30


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    excellent question grit, ive always wondered if it was safe to store the boat with the canvas on myself. *ive had my boat for 2 years now, this will be my third winter with it, and like you store my boat outside in a portable shelter. *every winter i always remove the entire canvas to error on the side of caution, then i wrap my entire boat with a tarp. *this year will be different i purchased a boat cover to use instead of a tarp. **

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    Under cover i think it should be fine as long as you don't go in and start bending the windows while they are really cold. I stored mine in a shelter logic the last two years and the top was fine. This year the old girl gets to live in the new heated shop.

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    Default take it off

    Buster's told me the single worst thing for a canvas top is to put a tarp or some other cover over it and leave it outside all winter.

    He said the best thing you can do to extend canvas top life here in Alaska is take if off and store it loosely folded in dry heated space.

    Call Buster's and get the direct skinny from them .............

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    I remove the top and store it indoors . I recommend you do the same.
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    I also store the tub in a portable shelter for the past 6 years, i remove the top and side curtains and store them in the heated garage. The boat is covered with a canvas boat cover just for piece of mind. I still am using the orginal top and curtains.
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    The entire top comes off. It fits nicely under the spare bed after it gets cleaned up and ready for next spring. THen I built 3 rafter s with a top pole and cover with a tarp. Don't leave the tarp loose. Lots of bungies!
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    I screwed mine up by leaving it up in the winter. After 10 years of taking it off and tarping, I had some medical problems and was in the hospital for several weeks while we went from fall to winter so I left the canvas up but still covered for the winter. It killed it!


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