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    Anyone shoot a Bob Lee bow? How do they compare with Tomahawk, Black Widow, Great Plains, etc? Is there much of a difference when paying that kind of money? Thanks

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    Bob lee bows are an excellent starting place, dont worry so much about the high dollar bows till you have been at it a while. I have shot old bears that cost me less than $100 bucks that shoot as well as a the average custom bow. On the other hand I have shot $1,500 longbows that shoot as if they cost a lot's like sports cars, some are worth the money others are all name and flash. Get good with what you have first.
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    A high end bow is like a Ford or Chevy. If you like it then its the best bow for you. The MOST important thing is to start out in a poundage range far less than you think you should. Get a bow too heavy at first and you won't learn to shoot correctly, you won't shoot accurately with any consistency and you'll develop bad habits that are difficult to correct. It's easier to sell a used cheap bow if you decide you don't like it. It's much more difficult to sell your high end bow for half what you paid for it. If you are dedicated and willing to do what it takes, ie, practice and match your arrows correctly then you will like what ever bow you start with. Good luck.


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