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Thread: Downrigger test on the Yak

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    Default Downrigger test on the Yak

    So I have been eyeing up winter/feeder kings in Cook Inlet mainly because they are available year round and well they are KINGS!

    Downriggers are almost required for this fishery with the added bonus that when done right, you typically catch small chicken halibut while trolling.

    I first tried a gimbal mount. I had to modify slightly but the stainless mount I got was HARD! Could not drill through it with titanium coated bits. That's another story.

    Re-read ZEE's great article on the NWKA forums and decided to center mount it behind me as suggested. I was concerned I wouldn't be able to reach it but it turned out to be no problem.

    There's been some discussion on what pound weight to use. I would say that from my ONE time out. I would say a 6 pound ball is MINIMUM for trolling saltwater salmon gear. I still had line angles approaching 45 deg when trolling fast and against current. 90% of the time, it was within acceptable range of angles.

    What struck me as amazing was the zero tippininess factor. I was delicately placing the ball into the water fearing it might yank and cause the kayak too tip a little. Heck in my outback, I could have shotputted the weight out and I don't think the Kayak would have flinched. ZERO scariness factor I was thinking might happen. I will say I use a large 17ah battery I mounted inside on the side opposite of the downrigger for balance.

    The only drawback was it did feel like you were paddling through "thicker" water. If this was the only thing I did in my outback, I'd consider putting the original fins back on. But it wasn't overwhelming. You could just tell it was "more" effort.

    The fish better watch out! I really think this is going to boost my productivity on salmon considerably.

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    You are one sick sob...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cliffhanger View Post
    You are one sick sob...

    You are wrong...there are more of us "sick sob's"...they just don't all have a waterproof camera...yet. lol,32.html

    But "stupid" or "nuts" is the better adjective until I catch a few...then I will entertain other adjectives like "brilliant" or "extraordinary" lol. Yah right... But it's almost as much fun prepping to catch fish as it is to catch them.

    Can't wait to hook up!!!!

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    Dude Nice! Good job on the downrigger! The water looks like paradise! Dude if it looks like that I am going to have to get down there before it gets to cold!

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    That's a sweet setup man, keep us updated when you catch a fish with that setup.


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