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Thread: 6 1/2 pound wood stove

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    Default 6 1/2 pound wood stove

    I found this in a horse packing magazine
    thought you guys would like this tired of bottles not working when its realllllll cold.
    hat your thoughts on them in the shanty's

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    I have used similar stoves in the past.
    The biggest problem is that they only work in a hardside shanty or wall tent.
    Probably 90%+ of Alaskan ice fishermen use portable ice shanties like the Quickfish 3,4,or6.
    You would have to figure out a way to plumb the stovepipe outside.
    That and a lot of us use the buddy heaters tht are rated indoor safe with low oxygen shutoff and tipover shutoff. Much safer in a small iceshanty especially with kids.
    For those running hardsides on lake louise, crosswinds, quartz lake etc. they would work real well. In a pinch on many lakes you can scrounge for firewood on the lakeshore if you run out. Not so with propane.
    So since I run portables I don't currently have use for one.
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    I have one of the Alaskans, they're great stoves and very convenient the pipe water heater and tray fit right inside the stove, I've packed em in
    horse back many times.
    They defiantly put the heat out but no way do they hold any coals through the night, I use mine in a 12x14 wall tent it will run you right out of there
    I've used it in below zero temps and have no complaints.
    They will warp when you get em red hot but it doesn't effect the function of the stove any.
    If you get one be sure to put about an inch of dirt in the bottom of the stove before starting any fires in it that will keep the bottom from burning out.
    Mine is still going strong after 9 years and i use it alot.

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    Using a small pack stove is the most miserable thing I've ever used at my ice house. I used a kifaru medium which only keeps good fire for about an hour at a time. Think of it like this: For five days, waking up every two hours and popping out of your sleeping bag to stoke the stove or having to entirely start a new fire. Next year, I'll be running a larger cylinder wood stove........I can deal with three to four hour wakey wakey. With a team of dogs or a snow machine, sometimes this light-weight equipment isnt necessary. During hunting season in the fall is the only time I've found a decent use for my pack stove. Going up shallow rivers and saving space for meat......only time I've found a reason to go lightweight with stoves. Popping out of the sleeping bag and stoking the little stove is always nice and the ability to dry socks and gear after taking a spill into the creek or after cold september rain allllll day. Ice fishing at 30-40 below.......the lightweight stove with short burn times becomes the stupidest idea ever........I learned my lesson!


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