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Thread: Anyone from Fairbanks?

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    Hello All,

    This Thursday we will be holding an AOAA - Advisory Council meeting in Fairbanks. This meeting is intended to organize subsequent monthly meetings establishing an AOAA Interior Alaska Advisory Council. Here's our agenda:

    1. An overview of the purpose and history of the Alaska Outdoor Access Alliance (AOAA)
    2. A discussion of the format of the Advisory Council meetings and their relationship to the AOAA board of directors
    3. A call to action: we need delegates and individuals to hold a monthly meeting
    4. Questions and Answers

    This meeting should take less than an hour except for the questions and answers.

    What: Alaska Outdoor Access Alliance (AOAA) Fairbanks introductory meeting
    Where: The Tanana Valley Sportsmen Association building
    When: 7:00 PM Thursday March 22nd

    Everyone is welcome, we hope to see you there.

    Todd Clark
    Chairman AOAA South Central Advisory Council

    The Access Alliance supports access for all Alaskans to public land. Go to the meeting and listen.
    There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.

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    This sounds good, thanks. I live here in Fairbanks and am going to try and make it.


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    I live in fairbank and Wish I could make it this week is a bad week for me. The wife is in the lower 48 this week so I have my 2yr old daughter that I cant keep out that late.

    I hope you have another meeting in the near future I can attend.

    Charlie B.


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