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Thread: Sheep or Goats

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    I have been rather blessed (by my way of thinking anyway) to have shot 55 big game animals in my life. Killed some feral goats and a few kangaroos here in Australia, 14 big game animals in Namibia, 3 in Europe, and hunted caribou, pronghorns, mule deer, and wild boar in America.

    I have never really understood why people loose their minds over sheep, and are usually less than interested in goats. 99% of the time in the hunting world, you have to walk past a wild sheep to get to a goat. Wildgoats be they ibex, markhor, tahr, chamois, goral, serow, takin, or our own mountain goats tend to live at higher elevation, be more interesting in their pelage and horn growth, and the hunts tend to be tougher.

    The only wild goat that is more expensive than most wild sheep hunts in Markhor, and the only really affordable wild sheep in their native lands are mouflon.

    To me a ibex is a much more interesting trophy than any wild sheep, and even our own mountain goat to me is more interesting than all North American wild sheep short of those Cadomin mine bighorns in Alberta.

    What do you guys think?

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    I voted goats as I just returned tonight with the remainder of the one I took on the 15th.


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