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Thread: green Gore rain pants

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    Default green Gore rain pants

    maybe there have been tons of threads like that, then pardon me..
    I'm no hunter nor i will so.
    The reason why i ask here is, that most/all outdoor aparell manufactures i know dont have Gore Tex rainpaints in green colour in stock.
    So, what I'm looking for: A (Gore) rainpant, particulary 3-layer construction, preferably with side zipper, at least 1/4 of lenght (the more lenght, the better) and in green. The pant has not to be silent or thelike, just simple and sturdy.
    I went across some pants (Sitkagear stormfront pants in forrestgreeen, some Norrona, etc..) but they are all expensive.
    Any affordable suggestions??

    (and yes, i was even thinkin about some army (surplus) Gore pants, but ....)


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    If you are looking for the 3 layer Goretex, it WILL be expensive. That is their top of the line - goretex "pro" for example:

    It seems like all the Gore-tex products are getting expensive. REI has a mid priced rain paint with their own rainproof membrane:

    Unfortunately, most pants seem to black these days.

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    I bought a pair of surplus German military pants similar to these a few years ago for less than USD $30.00: (Mine have suspenders.) I've been very pleased with the waterproofness, breathability and durability. They're not three-layer, they don't have side zippers, and they're not particularly quiet, but I've worn them in extreme conditions and been quite pleased. (I've worn Gore-Tex garments of all types for nearly thirty years.) The label indicates they were made to a NATO standard, so you might find them at places dealing in surplus military clothing.


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