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    I'm slightly confused so maybe someone can help me. The BOG proposals that were presented and voted on this month how do they play into the 2007 season. I understand that it varies by proposal but do they overrule the current regs? I guess I just dont really understand how the BOG works. Any justification would be appreciated!

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    Hunting regs, usually July1 to July1..

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    Yup - most new regulations go into effect beginning July 1st following the Board meeting. The only exceptions are for regulations that cannot physically be implemented until later, such as some drawing hunts. Tier II and some drawing hunts are applied for in May (for the following August+ hunt periods), so these applications will include new changes from a March meeting. Many drawing hunts are applied for in November (for the following August+ hunt periods). If a regulation is made in March for one of these hunts, they cannot go into effect for the following fall because the drawing application period had already passed.

    For more info on the Board process, go to the ADF&G website, and go to Division of Boards Support.


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