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Thread: Doall Clay pigeon throwers what a company!

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    Default Doall Clay pigeon throwers what a company!

    A few years ago my dad bought me a Do all electric clay pigeon thrower.
    Well I didn't use it much the first couple of years. Then about the 6th time I used it it just wouldn't work right.
    My dad tore it apart and found a broken bearing. Eventually after breaking another bearing he had ordered through a shop in town he figured he would call doall.
    It was 2 years old and he had no receipt. They told him over the phone they would send out a new one no charge.
    Just send the old one back.
    Well it arrived and came with a shipping label so there wasn't even a shipping charge for any of it.
    What a great company!
    I had it out last week at the range. It wasn't working right at all. I noticed it was missing a set of plastic brushes that hold the clay on the plate lined up for the throwing arm. One screw was still in the hole so apparently it fell out during transport somewhere between the range and my house. Anyway not really a manufacturers problem as it was there the last time I had used it.
    I just sent them am Email explaining i was missing a brush and would like to purchase one.
    The response from the service gal was that she was in a good mood so a new set of brushes is in the mail at no charge!
    What a stand up company.
    If you ever decide to buy a clay pigeon thrower I would highly recommend Doall outdoors.
    I really do like this thrower and their other products I own as well. And the customer service can't be beat.
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    Good outfit that all can afford its product.They put the automatic trap out there that the average guy could buy.
    Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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