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Thread: stolen 4 wheeler, right outside of hunting camp...

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    Default stolen 4 wheeler, right outside of hunting camp...

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but it is somewhat hunting related I guess...

    This last Saturday, someone stole a red honda foreman 4wheeler while we were away from our camp out near metal creek. It has a specialized hand shifter (The person who owns it is somewhat physically disabled) that shifts the gears, so it is somewhat unique. The key was left in the storage box.

    There were only a couple of camps in this area, and it is far enough out of the way that these camps don't see much traffic... so it's LIKELY someone from one of the other camps was involved.

    If someone from one of those camps is reading this, and indeed stole (Or was involved with it's disappearing) the 4wheeler, please return it. The police will not be involved, we just really need to get that ATV back to it's owner. She cannot afford another one, and this was really her only means of getting out anymore....

    If anyone has any details regarding this, please PM me.

    If this is posted in the wrong place, I apologize, mods feel free to move....

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    Sad, it's probably still out in KRPUA somewhere and most likely in a lot worse condition than when you last saw it. Lots of trash out there still unfortunately... We recovered our old polaris stolen from Wasilla years ago out in the Jims creek area. It was beat to snot and then dumped down the back of one of the sand dunes into some thick brush. I hope she gets it back! sure is sad when you can't get off your wheeler and walk because your too afraid some thug will ride off on it.

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    This is getting ridiculous.....what a shame you can't leave your camp for a while.
    Hope she gets it back in good condition.

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    To add a bit more info... it's an 2004 250CC

    Sad indeed...

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    jim creek strikes again, woo hoo meth su!! fun is at its peak in the valley!
    Semper Fi!

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    It is not even worth making a wise crack on this topic. The number of people that get booked in your local jail have warrants out on them from the lower 48 is not funny, Not funny at all. Problem is if the state that has the warrants on them does not wish to fly them back guess what......they get released if bail is made or time served. Alaska is the end of the tracks folks and the criminals know it. I will not go further on this topic but trust me it would make you sick.


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