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Thread: Dickey lake to Richardson Bridge

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    Default Dickey lake to Richardson Bridge

    Has anyone floated from Dickey Lake to the Richardson Bridge? If so, what class of water am I looking at and how many, if any, portages?

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    Haven't done it. Lots of beaver dams.... Sounds like more trouble than it would be worth.

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    i assume you are talking about the dickey lake that is accessed via the upper tangles.

    if so, don't recall beaver dams being an issue.

    its the west fork of the gulkana. head to a bookstore and buy/glance through jettmar's book to get an idea. class 1 to 3 water along the way, depending on water level. if you are an experienced ww 2/3 canoest you should have no issues.

    the stretch out of dickey down to the main fork of the gulkana can be rocky/steppy/ledgy and hard on your boat---i would not take a kevlar or fiberglass boat as you will/can beat the heck out of it in that stretch.

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    oops. i mean middle fork of the gulkana....

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    What Canoe said. The biggest issue for us was low water on the upper Middle Fork. You have to get out and drag your boat which is fine if you budget enough time. We didn't and were late getting to the end. We used old aluminum canoes - whatever you use it will be rough on it.

    Note that on the way in through the Upper Tangles you can hike from the close side of the third lake (Muddy Lake) or you can go all the way across and go a stream to the get closer to the next lake. Neither way is easy but it's nice to know that you have two options.


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