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Thread: Yentna River hunt

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    Default Yentna River hunt

    So my hunting buddies and I are headed to the Yentna next week for a 4 day hunt. Since ive already took a moose this year I'm gonna pay attention to ducks. I saw a bunch but would like some advice from some of you more experienced guys on that river. I have 12 decoys, a Mojo, 12 gauge, and a bunch of shells lol. Any advice would be great.

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    First, make sure you have your duck stamps, second look up the shooting times for the days you will be out there, and finally have fun. I would look for sloughs or ponds off the river. Try to find a spot where ducks are sitting, feeding, or roosting. You might also try to find a spot where they are trading from area to another.
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    get more decoys....not that you cant kill birds with 12..but 36 would be better. River hunting can be a blast..more often they will be on the back water sloughs...spend the first morning watching them. Pattern them or find out where they are going. If you can find a flight path...set up on that. I have had great success in the past with small spreads on the edge of big rivers or along sandbars. Spread the decoys out...maybe 4-6 staggard with the hen in front of the flock and about 3 feet apart. I will do my best below to describe this with what I

    ----------------------river bank
    ========== #
    > current #==# ==#
    ======== #==# ====#
    There, that dont look to bad...nevermind the equal signs..program...put two of these in the river with about 20 yards between can make them bigger or smaller...the idea is in the flowing water they are never close together. always spread out a few feet if not more from each other. Then another flock has landed and is swiming up into them...idea is to have a few trailing at the end of the main

    check out this link..might help a few out there.

    Have fun..pick up a few full bodies and put them on the bank..or go buy 3 full body Canadas to put for visual ref and to pull in some geese as well.

    Good luck
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    I was running around the lower Yetna yesterday, looking for moose. found a nice slough that ran north east, very windy, though a tall grass valley, lots and lots of ducks sitting on it, mostly mallards. There are some good places there to hunt no doubt, i'm sure many more then the place i found. didn't really see any ducks on the main river. Bud


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