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Thread: cabbage ideas?

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    Default cabbage ideas?

    Hi All,

    I've got loads of cabbages (5, I think) sitting in my entryway and I don't think I have the will or stamina to start some major sauerkraut recipe now, but was wondering if anyone would be willing to share ideas for ways or things to do with cabbages. I heard a friend had heard of an "overnight kraut" recipe??? Or other tasty ideas or storing ideas/tips are welcome!!!


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    If the cabbage heads are large, firm, and undamaged, then you can store them for a while. If they're small, soft, or bruised, then you're better off using them soon. Cabbage is fussier than potatoes, carrots, or onions, but it still stores pretty well if you can provide a cool, humid, and ventilated area that won't freeze, such as a cellar.

    Try searching for either 'how to store cabbage' or else 'storing cabbage for winter' for plenty more info. Here's one very good article:

    In my experience, "overnight" kraut, pickles, and kimchi are delicious when fresh but don't store well, since they're not designed for storage. If you want to store the pickles for winter then you're much better off doing the work of a "major" recipe, one that fully cures the vegetables.

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    Default Same Problem - the good kind

    I found myself with an abundant harvest of cabbage this year, as well. Now I have a bucket of kraut fermenting in the dinning room. Here is a link to a video titled, How To Make Homestead Sauerkraut in Alaska made by a fellow Alaskan who also had an abundance of cabbage. This fellow freezes the kraut after he makes it. I'm giving it a try.

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    kimchee is super easy, just slice the cabbage into a large pot, pound on it with a bottle or some such until it releases juice, throw in some onion, hot pepper, radish, carrot, ginger, whatever, and pack tightly into clean jars. no brining, can be put up in one session. very good tasting and very good for you.

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    We did a small batch of kraut, it turned out pretty good.
    Next year maybe a bigger batch, if we eat the 9 pints jars we got.
    Will need a bigger crock though.
    Got the recipe off the internet.

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    Dill cabbage is one of my favorites. I love dill pickles, but dill cabbage is better.
    It ain't about the # of pounds of meat we bring back, nor about how much we spent to go do it. Its about seeing what no one else sees.


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