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Thread: a couple powder questions

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    Default a couple powder questions

    I'm planning to load up some Nosler Spitzer Accubonds for my .338. In looking through my nosler book I saw a powder listed as H4831sc. According to my book "The ABC's of Reloading" it shows the sc as meaning short cut and indicates it is the same powder as H4831, just cut shorter to allow better flow through the powder drop. So I assume I can use H4831 to the same grains as the short cut and have the same safe load. Make sense? I'm just planning to load some various powders for pressure checks first.

    Secondly, my 338 is at the gunsmith having the barrel cut from 26 inches to 23 inches. I'm thinking I will need to compensate the shorter barrel with faster burning powders. But how do I tell what powders are faster burning? Can I read that from the powder number? Do l look for powders that produce similar velocities with less quantity of powder? Any ideas?

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    Yes, you can use the load data for H4813sc and H4831 interchangably. Regarding faster powders, they may or may not be beneficial in a shorter barrel, but you can get the burn rate from most manuals (my Lyman has it) and on-line various places. Double check a few though because some are very close in speed and will be listed in different orders in different charts. Check the Hodgon website, as well as Vhita Vouri, and then google "powder burn rate chart" for more info.

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    You did not say which bullet weight you were using.

    For the 250 grain bullet in a 338 Win Mag.
    The old Hornady book list the following MAX loads for 2,700 fps
    25 inch bbl
    70.1 grains of IMR 4350
    72.2 grains of 4831
    73.2 grains of N-205
    75.4 grains of H450

    The Speer #12 list for around 2650 fps max from a 24 inch barrel
    69.0 grains imr 4350
    71.0 grains imr 4831
    72.0 grain compressed of RL-19

    Barnes #3 shows for around 2600 max, from a 24 inch barrel
    71.0 grains RL-19
    65.0 grais imr 4350
    68.0 grains imr 4831
    73.5 grains H450

    Cutting back your barrel to 23 inches will not make a huge differnce from the mooses point of view...
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    Thumbs up 338 Win

    I have found that Reloader 19 and IMR 4350 work real good with 225gr bullets.

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    Default 338win mag & H4350

    I've always had real good luck with H4350. Last load I worked up was with Hornady 225gr Interbonds...pretty similar to the Accubonds. If you want to find out the burn rate of your powder, just about all the powder manufacturers have a burn rate chart on their website.

    Here's a chart I got off of one of the manufacturers. If you look at a few different charts you'll see some powders move around on the chart relative to eachother. So this chart isn't gospel.

    Just remember, never try to develop a load using a burn rate chart...always go with the most recent published data for the specific powder you want to use.
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