Hello all. I'm relatively new to hunting. Been doing some ducks/small game for some time. I would like to "graduate" into big game. I was thinking that black bear might be an obvious first step...especially because I see so many of them. I would be hunting mostly on the Kenai Peninsula, on the way to Seward and maybe even from my boat out of Ressurection Bay.

I've searched around the forum and have seen people say that Fall bear meat is good, and others say it's awful. I'm not really interested in harvesting just for the hide. If you could chime in with your input about if it is worth hunting for them now I would appreciate. I'm also trying to get some info regarding how to skin/cut up/process the meat (for someone who's never cleaned any big game).

Kind of an aside question: any shotgun hunters for black bears out there? Just curious if anyone does this, what the use, and any tips.

Thanks in advance!