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    Default Fly in fishing

    Does anybody know (if any) specific flying services in Anchorage that will drop you off at a fishing location of your choice or theirs and then come back and pick you up again in a day or two? I'm starting to not like the combat fishing. Ship creek, bird creek. Kenai and russian river. I want to go where it's quiet and peaceful with no crowds.

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    Well you should probably get a helicopter because most fly in detinations are still pretty crowded these days. An alternative approach: Drive then Hike a bit.
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    Default Fly in Service

    I fly into a remote area in June for Kings. No combat fishing at all
    Here are a couple of service providers.

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    Default Fly-to fishing...

    There are great places off the mainland where you can can do it your way unguided, and beat the crowds.

    I figured Kodiak out, and it's a great spot to escape the crowds. Our webmaster has the book on it in the bookstore or you can visit it at

    Look at any AK map for the communities unreachable by road. Keyword search the community name and the data will come up for your research.

    There are great fly-in destinations on the mainland, but the prior post in this thread is correct. They also can become crowded with air commuting fishermen.

    And have you tried the Moose? His rafting trips will get you away for sure...


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