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Thread: Lost tire on Denali

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    Default Lost tire on Denali

    I left the pullout just west of Clearwater Creek on September 3rd and accidently left my spare tire. I'm not sure how it happen but it was there when I loaded everything up and gone when I got home. I realize this is a long stretch but if anybody saw it and would bring it back to town its worth $50 for your trouble. The tire is a Wild Country Radial XRT. It wasn't holding air and needs repair, I mostly just hate leaving it behind. I will be going back in October to get it but thought this would be a good try to save the trip. Thanks for your help.

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    Default Will Check

    I may be that way this weekend. I have been promising Jen and Claude that I will be by. So I will make a pass at the parking area and check to see if it's still around if I make it.

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    You should give Alpine Crk Lodge a call and see if they can go check for you. They might be able to run over there and take a look.
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    My current plan is to be in that area this weekend as well. I'll keep my eyes peeled for it... and bou.
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    Thanks everyone. I was planning on calling Alpine B & B after the 20th when they're not as busy. Just to clarify I was on the Cantwell side of Clearwater Creek Bridge on the South side (opposite the CUA). I'm thinking the tire rolled out of the enclosed trailer when I pulled in the ATV so it might be at the far end of the pullout or maybe even in the creek.

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