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Thread: Russian Lakes?

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    Default Russian Lakes?

    Hello I am thinking of doing the Russian lakes trail on horseback with in the next couple of weeks and was hoping someone might have some info for me. We are planning on getting dropped off in the campground and coming out at cooper lake a few days later. Is the trail gonna be okay for horses the whole way through? Is there gonna be plenty for them to eat while were out there or should I bring feed? And last but not least how is the fishin in the lakes and the upper river this time of year? What should i use as far as flesh or beads? Anyy good spots to focus on and anything else I should know or expect would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I have been in from the Cooper lake side to the uppermost lake and out the same way, on foot. I recall the trail as being very good, easy for horses, abundant grasses.

    The fishing should be outstanding, the bears abundant ! Keep your heads on a swivel and a firearm at your side. Egg and flesh patterns will rock, I would bring some sculpin and leeches also.

    Sorry I cannot offer anymore other than suggesting a phone call to the outfit behind Sunrise lodge that offers horseback trail rides. I am sure someone there has details regarding your horse's needs and perhaps familiarity with the trail.
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    Right .338WM are about abundant bears.

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    the fishing is not nearly as good as you'd think, and the fish are relatively small. I've done well on nymphs and buggers and stuff. You certainly don't need horses, its a nice short trail perfect for mountain biking.
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    Are you sure horses are allowed up there? I only ask becuase I've never seen any or any sign of them. The others are right about the bears, however if you tell yourself your there to bear hunt you won't see any, works for me every time!


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