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    Looking to see if anyone has a material list for the pattern, really want to tie some up. Thanks

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    The tail is two schlappen feathers, then marabou body with thin saltwater flashabou, then a trilobal dub head with small lead eyes. The trick will be to tie the tail. The schlappen is ferruled in the stinger thread, I know the creator of this fly and he is not ready to indulge on the "how to" of this technique yet due to the newness of the pattern. The hook used for the stinger, is a Gamakatsu wide gap sz 1
    or 2, the front hook is a Daiichi 2546 sz 2.
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    Thanks AkGloomis for the help, havent even seen the pattern in person yet might have go find some

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    I have them in my shop (Mossy's) if you want to look at them.
    "The Tug is the Drug"

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    Thanks Mike i might have to come in today or sometime this week schedule allowing.

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    The stinger hook string is braided down the schlappen feather shafts and the tip is tied off in the hook knot. I have three shredded ones from last month and the tie off is the failure point that leads to it unraveling. I haven't figured out how to put them back together yet. It's not a design flaw, however. They are DEADLY on the swing. Each of mine held up to multiple (at least 6 fish per fly) savage attacks by chums and silvers. Moonlight in full sun and aleutian queen on heavy cloud cover. The creator of this pattern has my thanks and business for many fish caught by his creation.

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    Thanks ive also heard some great things about them on the swing so i have to tie some up!


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