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Thread: Packing Bow on Pack

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    Cool Packing Bow on Pack

    I am looking for some options for attaching my bow to my pack while hiking several miles into base camp. What works the best for you?

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    Default Bow Pack

    I use this. It should be the ticket. Just be careful not to just drop it off your back so you don't damage your bow. It is very hand and keeps your bow out of the way.

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    You did not say what type of bow you use, big diffrence! With compounds great care should be taken, a damaged rest,or sight and game over when you need them the most! Disconect all you can is the best bet but you can"t shoot during transport. Recurves, and longbows you just have your arrows, and quiver to worry about. Pipe foam to protect limbs from abrasion if you use an external frame pack, internals are easy as they have no tubing, with lots of lash points. Watch your arrows & broadheads finding yourself miles in with a bad cut/ is not something you want to experience! Bill
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    I use my badlands 2200, It has strapes on the back to hold my bow. I used mine in arizona doing a mountain lion hunt this year. The only problem I had is using a treestand quiver. I was using an alpine soft loc quiver. It pulled off while going up the mountain. It was very brushy, ducking and bending under brush. Had a limb grab and pull the quiver off the bow without me knowing it. Had to back track a quarter mile to find it. Hope this helps

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    Default Cabelas

    I have the Cabelas rifle/bow pack. It is really a nice pack and holds the bow well. A couple of additional cinch straps really hold it tight.

    Ah..... the quiver. There has to be a better way. I carry mine inside the pack which is not the best option. I am thinking of making a 2-arrow quiver for outside the pack, mounted on the bow and the inside the pack quiver for other arrows. Leave the inside ones disassembled and maybe just use a plastic tube like a golf club tube.

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    Default mathews outback

    I have a mathews outback bow with a detachable quiver. I have two back packs that I can use a Kifaru Longhunter or a Kelty with an external frame. Has anyone used the bow bearer by Kifaru? I have experimented with lashing it on to the pack however I just wanted it a little more handier in case I needed to drop the pack and use the bow quickly?

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    If your quiver comes off I have the cat's meow way to carry them! Can be done with any one piece bow quiver.

    Being a stickbow shooter, all of my longbows are 2 piecers. Pretty simple. Can carry the arrows on the side of the pack, back of the pack, or your side very simply. I also hunt with them there, can be done with any back pack and most one piece bow quivers.

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    I have a couple of recommendations that have worked for me. If I were going to be on a long hunt, I would carry most of my arrows, dissasembled, in a PVC tube inside my pack or attached to the frame. As for being able to access arrows in a hurry. I use a one piece quiver. I attach the quiver directly to the pack, tight to the side. The arrows are covered with a cloth bag/case with a draw string closer. I can open the drawstring quickly and it slide right off the quiver. I keep the knocks pointed up keep and the bottom of the quiver as low as possible to keep the arrow knocks from being above the top of the pack. This seems to keep them from hanging up on stuff.

    As far as carrying my bow. For a totally hand free setup, I use the backpackers quick lash straps with buckles. I have a cloth cover over the sights and rest. My bow is set up to keep most all of those loose type items, like fiber-optic cables, peep site tubes or loose cables for the rests down to a minimum. The cover just makes sure that branches can't find their way into the site bracket or caught in the arrow rest. One other feature I use is what looks like a pocket on a strap that ataches to the pack. The bottom cam on the bow sits in the pocket when strapped to the pack. This makes sure if I drop the pack in a hurry that I don't damage the cam or fill it with debri.

    Not sure if I explained this very well. If you ned more info, send me a pm and I'll try to take a picture.



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