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    I woke to the alarm at 4am this morning trying to convince myself to leave the warm body next to me and get up and hunt. My last trip on Wednesday was a bust due to high water so my motivation was a bit low. My blind is normally dry and about 10yds from the edge of the water. Wednesday my blind had two and a half feet of water in it and the entire marsh was a giant lake . The water wasn't a big deal for me, but my dogs would have been neck deep for several hours so I turned around and hiked back to the truck. Today I left the dogs at home knowing the water would still be high and not having a place for them to sit high and dry.

    The morning stated well with a suicidal GWT right at shoot time. I followed that up with a ruddy - not my first choice of birds, but I'm not usually picky. The morning progressed with poor shooting on my part. I guess it was just one of those days. However, I was able to finish by 9:15am with 6 addtional mallards for my first limit in 3 days of hunting so far. I've gotten spoiled having the dogs do most of the hard work for me. I was about worn out chasing down birds on the water. The dogs are going tomorrow.
    I did some early Christmas decorating of my blind. lol

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    You don't get much meat of a GWT, but they taste great. I have yet to see a ruddy up here, do you shoot them often?
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