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Thread: prepping brown bear hide for tanning

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    Default prepping brown bear hide for tanning

    I have another question that parallels my previous post regarding locating a good tanner for brown bear hides.

    Is there a certain process that must be done when hydrating and restretching brown bear hides after gettting them back ffrom the tannery (since they have shrunk during the tanning process)? Are there certain areas like the pads that must also be streched so that all parts of the bear get back to its normal size. Is it possible to shoot a nine foot bear and get a nine foot bear in return or are they always going to be a bit smaller? I understand that some hunters/guides "stretch" green hides to make them appear bigger than they actually are.

    Would love to have some advice from some seasoned taxi's so I know what to do/say when I talk to taxidermists...This is a one time hunt for me and I want to do everything right. Thanks so much.

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    No advice but a good one.Thanks

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    The Tannery that your taxidermist uses will give him instructions as (how to) rehydrate the dry tanned hide. Once the hide is soaked up, washed, rinsed and drained.. it is then bagged and put in a refrigerator overnight or up to 24 hours to (sweat).. further relaxing the hide.. after this process, the hide is then stretched, measured and a form ordered.



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