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Thread: Traditional Koyukuk Moose Hunt

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    Default Traditional Koyukuk Moose Hunt

    My brother and I both got drawn to hunt the Koyukuk this Fall for Moose. Since we were lucky enough to get drawn for the late tag (Sept 15-25) we decided to try something special this year. We bought a couple of vintage Fred Bear Kodiak recurves (1968 models ... considered one of the best shooting and looking Super Kodiaks by most collectors). We sanded them down and reworked the risers and lowered the shelf and now they look better than new. I will post some pics of our hunt for all to enjoy.

    I am planning on holding out for a true trophy as I have bow killed several 50"ers over the years ... I have yet to harvest a 60+ with my bow so this is the year! Wish me luck!


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    Having hunted the Koyukuk, the trophies are there. However, dont hold out for that diamond in the rough. I watched a guy do that with 2 bulls and left empty handed. The area isn't what it used to be, there aren't 60s around every corner of the river. But they are there.

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    Sweet!!! Except the part about reworking the Kodiaks. A buddy and I drew one of the Haul Rd permits and will be looking for the same moose around the same time. He's carrying a longbow and I'm stuck with my Widow again this year. Fractured a neck bone a few weeks ago and my selfbows are too heavy to draw right now. Good luck with your hunt and let's see them Kodiaks...bloody of course.

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    I have hunted the Koyukuk many times in the past and I have always made the mistake of taking the first decent bull that came in close enough to offer a clean bow shot. I am prepared to come home empty handed and to wait out for the big one. The biggest mistake I have made over the years is leaving too soon ... we usually have our bulls hanging prior to the 21st of Sept up there and that is the date that they go crazy ... I think the secret is too be patient and if you havent called in Mr. Big prior to that date ... just be disciplined and hold out and be prepared to wait till the bitter end.


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