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Thread: Do you love your whole family & being alive....?

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    Default Do you love your whole family & being alive....?

    Build several survival kits "With" Your family. Kits for cars, trucks, snow machines, ATVs, riding in someone Else's airplane, to wear around your neck, in your office, home, give them for Christmas, Birthdays. Lots of fun for the whole family too build survival kits. A starting point is M-40:

    If you build it you will know what is in the kit. Do you really want a K-Mart mass-market survival kit at -28* with a man down and a wrecked snow machine.

    Note: Only a Silly'Wabbit thinks he can get by with one kit and move it to the boat, ATV, snow machine, car, etc. It will always be O'crap the kit is still in the ________,and it was on my list to bring.

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    You make a good point. I carry a PSK (personal survival kit) anytime I am out in the wilderness. I agree that M40's site is a good one to learn about building a PSK. I bought a commercial SOL kit, and then modified the contents using M40's to be more complete and have since made a few more changes based on things I've read about. Another good source for learning about making a PSK is here: . A good PSK should have means to procure, filter or treat and carry water, build a shelter, build a fire, signal for rescue, navigate, and procure sustenance. It doesn't have to be big. The ones they build at BCUSA are recommended to fit in a pocket. Big kits get left behind, pocket size kits don't. And of course the most important piece of kit is your mind. If you don't know how to use what's in your PSK, you're in trouble.
    "If snowmachiners would adopt the habits of riding one at a time and not parking at the base of avalanche prone slopes, the number of fatalities would likely be whittled by at least a third, if not by half." ~ Jill Fredston, in the book Snowstruck, In The Grip Of Avalanches.

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    If you have a smart phone download the free app called "mylite". You get a flash light that will illuminate a large area plus it has a hella strobe feature that will get you noticed.

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