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Thread: Some of my wins in the gear realm...

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    Default Some of my wins in the gear realm...

    Hilleberg Saivo- absolutely awesome. I wanted a low profile bombproof tent good for 2 and all my gear plus the dog. This tent outperformed all my expectations. Vents very well, tho it will build up some heat on the warmer days. weight was not a concern at 11lb. Purpose of base camp for the moose float/Kodiak trip.

    MSR Hoop 2 - just spent 4 nights on the river, it does vent well and while it did accumulate some condensation between the fly and liner, we stayed perfectly dry inside. Having Kimber, (family lab) added more moisture but still a non issue.

    Feathered Friends 20 degree.. Now on my 4th bag and after running 3 synthetics, I'm now on my lightest and most comfortable bag. 20*, 850 fill and under 2lbs. I know the biggest debate of down vs synthetic and I'm not phased the slightest over my choice between my bag being packed in a dry sac, put in a dry pag, then wrapped in a bivy, in a bombproof tent. Lovin it.

    Sea to summit big river dry bags. Outstanding bags! 2 35L bags attached to the front of the pack raft was perfect!!!

    Exped UL DownMat sleeping pad- worked the best for me out of the top choices of BA and therma rest. The slight increase i weight when comparing the R value and comfort made it well worth it.

    Wild West Guns 4570 picatiny light mount- 2 nights ago Kimber woke me up at 3am in the tent with her mild mannered woofing/huffing- the one that's not overly alarming, but definitely indicates she hears something. I knew for a fact the bears were in, every bank we floated past had tracks and while I kept it to myself, I walked past a huge pile of skat while getting firewood. Our last stop just prior to finding camp indicated a sow Griz and at least 1 cub. I sat up and kept quiet to tune into whatever she heard- well it was very close to the tent. I slowly sat up and got out of my bag, pausing to tune back in. I was a bit nervous because we had nothing in camp that would keep a bear around, though I've heard pack rafts made a good chew toy. 4570 in hand, I was ready to rock! Whatever was outside was big, loud and getting closer. I slipped on my crocs and slowly drew the top zipper of the tent down with the barrel already sticking out. My Streamlight TLR was amazing. With nothing in sight and nothing running for the hills I was able to catch a breathe. Once getting 20 feet from the tent I spotted a huge cow making way on a midnight snack. She cared less for my presence and I believe it was the light that kept her at bay, had she seen my body and face I'm sure she would have left. Regardless, I love my light mount!!

    Kokatat Jacket- doubles as a rafting/rain jacket. Bombproof. Love the waterproof sleeves, wished it had more pockets. Beathed well during a combination of sweaty paddling and moderate rain.

    Til next year!!

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    Great review!!
    Proud to be an American!


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