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    Smile First trip up

    I'll start this post by thanking everyone for all the great info on this forum - made my trip! My brothers and I only had 8 days in your wonderful state I hope you who live there know how blessed you are. Ran up to denali fished some streams on the way back caught a few r-bows, grayling. Stopped in the Hope area to raft 6 mile- good times. Caught 2 silvers at Hope while overnighting before the raft trip after the trip we went down to the take out area caught a bunch of pinks & one more silver there. By the way if the local guy that was fishing with his son is on this forum I waited a extra hour for you to come back for the tackle bag you forgot, when you didnt show i stashed it in the logs to the right of the rock you were fishing off, hope you found it. Drove down to Homer fished off the end of the spit -wow every cast!!!! polluck, cod and small halibut, one of the cod had to be 36-38 inches. Chartered the Katilac with Capt. Mike on a "extended trip" fast clean boat, good equipment, Mike seems very knowlgeble rough riding boat however in 2 to 4 ft seas it beat me up. After long run around the end of the peninsula half way to Seward he put us right on some big ling cod. I dinked around with the rockfish while 2 of the six filled their lingcod limits they were fun on light tackle tossing jigs. Ling cod limits were filled in three drifts. Did not do so well on the halibut the six of us caught 5 all about 25 lbs., still plenty of fish to bring home. Now for the one major disapointment and I should have asked before we left. No ice on the boat and the when the mate (hardworking cute girl h*ll with a knife) filleted the fish they went into a plastic tub filled with water for the ride back to port. I was sleeping off the night before so I didnt see this until to late but it really distressed me to see such fine fish treated with such a lack of respect. All in all a great time was had by all. Sorry to tell ya but you are stuck with another **** visitor. I will be back !!!!!

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    Sounds like you had a great time, I know what you mean about being blessed, the wife and I came up planning on staying six months or less, thats was in 1982.

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