Recently it came to our attention that a formerly banned member had returned to our site. That person's new user account has been suspended. We take user suspension seriously, and it is, almost exclusively, permanent. Therefore when someone is banned from the site, they are not allowed back under a different name. Unfortunately our system does not always catch returnees, but when we find them they are booted. Because of the permanent nature of banning, we are very reluctant to do it, and only do so when, after multiple warnings, it becomes clear that the member cannot or will not follow our forum rules.

We welcome diverse opinions and we recognize that strong views sometimes come with strong tempers. But when those views and tempers result in behavior that is not allowed on Outdoors Directory, we are forced to respond in accordance with the rules of this site. If you are not familiar with our rules, please take a few minutes to review them HERE. They are simple, and mostly relate to decency and mutual respect.