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Thread: RZR and Tracks or find a Snowcat?

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    Default RZR and Tracks or find a Snowcat?

    Anyone got a Polaris RZR and running tracks on it? Or any other side by side?

    The wife and I are discussing the differences between a tracked side by side with a cab, and a proper snow cat.

    Any good leads on snowcats?

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    I've met two folks running tracks on Prowlers. I don't know if you could get tracks to work on an RZR with all that suspension. I know the folks with the Prowlers pretty much only run them on wide groomed trails. Neither was impressed with their abilities in deeper snow and trees really hampered their usefulness.

    Snowcats are built from the ground up to be used in snow. They are big and they are expensive. You can find used Snowcats and Bombardiers, but they can be problematic at best. Parts are difficult to find and, once again, expensive. Once again, their downfall is trees. You need a big space to run them and if you get them stuck it's an expedition to get them out.

    You really can't beat a good snowmachine for usefulness in most of Alaska.
    Bunny Boots and Bearcats: Utility Sled Mayhem

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    Thank you, I have seen similar things in reviews. Hard to beat a snowmachine for 99% of snow conditions.


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