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Thread: can you help me ith rigging for temp woodstove set-up

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    Default can you help me ith rigging for temp woodstove set-up

    The cabin is up, yay! We're going in a couple of weeks again, but it'll be getting cold!

    Now, I gotta be honest, after building the thing we are BROKE!!! However, we'd rather not freeze to bad (mainly don't want the wee ones to be awefully uncomfortable). We bought a woodstove & took it up- I've been trying to get pieces of woodstove pipe saved up that I find used & reasonably priced. We will not have the ideal or final set-up done this fall (thru the center of the cabin & thru the roof).

    We're planning to go thru the side wall with the pipe (and not up very high- not over the roof line) as a comfort measure to last us 2-3 weeks. Any ideas, advice or instruction is GREATLY appreciated. I have seen the specs & have a basic understanding of doing it RIGHT- so I'm looking for alternative (ie budget- yet safe & effective) methods of achieving a bit of heat in the cabin.

    We have an EarthStove & I have a new 8" single wall pc (3", I think). I have several pcs of 8" metalbestos that I planned to save for next year. We also have a 8-6" reducer. So, if I don't 'find' pcs, I'll have to buy some stuff & I gotta keep it economical.

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    First of all you are not supposed to down size the pipe from the stove. I understand it will be expensive to do it right, but on the other hand cutting corners maybe fine when your building a deck but not a woodstove the cabin can only burn down one time. Try and do it right the first time it will save you money in the long run and be safer for the family.

    Going out the side of the cabin is more expensive than just running it up thru the roof. It will take more class A to go out the wall and up the side of the house than just running it straight up. The draw back on the older stoves is they are 8'' flue and they are very expensive to run a chimney, in some cases it is cheaper to just buy a newer stove with a 6'' collar and run from there.

    If you want to hit me up off line i can talk you thou more of what you may need.
    Good luck

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    sweepint is absolutely correct. I sell metalbestos and it is always more expensive to go through the wall than through the roof. You can run cheaper double wall, or even cheaper single wall inside and only use the metalbestos for the last couple feet and through the roof.

    Running through the wall the way you are looking to is a disaster in the making. You will not get a proper draft if the pipe doesn't clear the roof. The next problem is the danger of the pipe blowing sparks on the side of your building.
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