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    I am doing a bear hunt in Ak and was wondering if anyone had any experience with Bog Boots. From my research they breathe a bit more than Muck boots and are warmer than Lacrosse Burly's. Curious to see if they have much ankle support, how snug they are around the ankle and if they are durable. These boots used to be made in Oregon and I think that the company is pretty solid. The ones I am looking at are called Blaze Mountains. I will also be taking ankle fit hippers for the deep stuff. Would much rather wear my Hanwags with gaiters but the leathers will eventually wet out and my feet will freeze. Any help would sure be appreciated. Thank you.

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    I have a pair of Boggs. Have had them about two/three years. As far as breathing better than Muck or warmer than LaCrosse, I have no experience with either so do not make any comparison to the Boggs. That said I still have the Boggs and use them often year round. They have no ankle support and they have no lathe in the foot. If you can comfortably wear moccasin's you will fell fine in Boggs. I should add here that I do not recall if mine have any other besides Boggs printed on the boots. They are warm and dry. As an example of these qualities I spent several hours one day standing on frozen lake that had ankle deep water standing on the lake and my feet were dry and warm. I wear a pair of liner socks, polypropylene, and a pair of warm socks like wool in winter and just liner socks in summer. They may be a bit larger than the size indicated so try them on before you buy. I beat around the woods in them as well on my ocean boat and the air boat and have found they have traction. When I replace them I will sure look for another pair. I was worried that the material was to soft and be torn up the first time I wore them but have held up well.
    Where will you be hunting bear this fall? Maybe I can answer other questions about hunting bear.

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    I've had a pair of Bogs for a couple of years now and so far I really like them. They work well for mild hiking but I wouldn't recommend them for tromping through thick brush. The neoprene uppers tear fairly easily and I've had to repair mine with shoo goo a few times. They are warm though, I wear mine with smart wool socks in the winter for activities where I am able to keep moving and they do great. If I were to stand around too long I would have cold feet though.

    The cheaper (than the Muck brand) price is what attracted me, they look almost identical.

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    Thanks for the advice guys.

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    Put my bogs to the test this fall. Not great for long hikes but better support / fit than xtra tuffs. Standing in water for several hours proved to be dry and warm. Near the end of the day I was forced to quickly go deeper than expected. Ended up working for 2 hours with boots totally submerged. I was amazed that my feet stayed warm (had thin pair of merino socks on ). Had it been my xta tuffs my feet would have been blue.

    Overall a good product for our climate.


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