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Thread: How is Whitter's Harbor and Ramp?

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    Question How is Whitter's Harbor and Ramp?

    Sounds like Homer's harbor and ramp are still un-useable, so I was wondering about Whitter's or Seward's. Does anybody know? I'm almost ready for my Spring shake down cruise!

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    Default Whittier

    I was planning on heading down to Whittier last weekend but the weather just didn't cooperate. I spoke with the folks at the harbor and they said they had sanded the one open ramp on Friday but on the weekend it would be better to call since thier regular PW staff aren't working. If the derby is canceled and the weather isn't too bad then we're heading down to Whittier this weekend. I'm taking chains for my truck so if the ramp is sanded great-if not we'll still be able to make it in and out. We lived in Dutch for almost six years and we fished all year round so I've been down my share of icy ramps and fished lots of days in the nasty stuff. With the proper preparations and gear it's really not a big deal. The same goes for winter boating in general-check the weather, check your gear, file a float plan, be prepared and check the weather again and be prepared to cancel the trip if the weather is too extreme. Coming from Dutch I'm just not used to these below zero temperatures-that makes prepping for a trip a lot of extra work!

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    Default Whittier Harbor

    They don't do much in the winter some times on the ramp.

    both have web cams and you can call the harbor

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    Are you looking at the ramp at Smittys Cove in Whittier? I dive there every other weekend and can tell you that the water is not iced in and the ramp is accessable. But the lowere end at low tide is pretty beaten up with some large pot holes and a little rebar showing, Make sure you dont break a axel or blow a tire. Also, watch out for the divers in the cove, it is very popular there.


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