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Thread: Fly fishing for Silvers at Valdez

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    Default Fly fishing for Silvers at Valdez

    I've heard you can fly fish for Silvers off Alyson point or from a boat just off the point. I'm currently in Cooper Landing and want to make the trip over but don't want to come over if the timing is not right. Does anyone know if the fish are in and in adequate numbers for throwing a fly? Any other info and tips for Silvers on the fly would be greatly appreciated

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    Last weekend fished great esp at incoming and high tide

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    I witnessed a gentleman fly fishing at Allison point last wknd. He looked to be staying busy reeling them in.
    He was casting red/gold flash flies or flesh flies(not a fly fisherman myself and couldn't quite understand what he called them).

    Best of Luck to ya!

    I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.

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    Saw a guy and his wife last year just nail them on these big black streamers at Allison Point. They did get their limit.

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    Yesterday was excellent for silvers on a fly. We hit Allison Point for a few hours before and a hour after high tide, limited out. Large purple flies with a pink head worked the best. The fly must be weighted, or a short sinking leader would work. Don't bother with a sink tip line, you only need to cast out 15 or 20 feet, let it sink, short strips and let the magic happen.


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