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Thread: Surprise! Ferry Trail under construction.

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    Wink Surprise! Ferry Trail under construction.

    For those whofollow the meanderings of GVEA, this will be of little Surprise to any of them.GVEA has begun the Eva creek wind project today, and construction of the roadbed begins tomorrow. What they have failed to mention in the advertising of theEva creek Project, is that the road construction is on the Ferry Trail.

    For those Planning on crossing the R/R bridge in Ferry this year. There will bea 10 MPH speed limit, Flaggers, Heavy equipment, and long delays on the FerryTrail.

    The R/R yard in Ferry is already full of equipment, and parking may be limited, Fences May be erected.

    Combined with the Fires in Ferry area again, a large portion of the S/E section, through the Glory Hole, across to the Totat, will make hunting thisarea interesting to the least.

    Good luck be safe. here is a link.

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    anybody have any more detail on this?
    planning on heading out early next week with friend to hunt his antlerless tag.
    is there parking at the trailhead still?
    how about traffic on the trail? how far in are they working?
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