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    Default Tear in Track

    I just found tear in my 144 inch track on my 700 RMK. The tear starts at one of the holes in the side of the track and extends about 2 inches towards the center of the track. Other than the tear the track is in great shape. Is the track junk at this point? Can I still ride with the tear or will the track come apart at anytime now? Can I do something to stop the tear from extending further? Any help before I go spend $600 on a new track would be greatly appreciated.

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    Google search "track repair"...I've not needed this service...yet...I found it the other day surfing about snowmachine sites and book marked it.

    one of the links found...
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    ...there are several others, they all seem to use a process from Carroll Tech, inc. I found one in Colorado and several in Central U.S. I'd look for some outfit that uses the process that's a tad more "local" than Colorado...but you would have thought of that.

    Good luck, let us know how it turns out for you.

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    Kind of an odd tear... I doubt it will hurt anything. I "ported" my track on my 700 RMK this year which consisted of drilling about 270 holes in it, something to this effect -

    I doubt a small tear will amount to much. Keep an eye on it though. If it starts getting worse you may need to find another track.

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    Default Shoe Goo

    I repaired a cut in my track with Shoe Goo. I cleaned it out good and roughed up the surface on both sides. I put the Shoe Goo into the tear and coated both sides. I then used some fiberglass cloth and bandaged the outside with a couple of layers. I clamped it all together with some plastic wrap to keep the clamps from sticking. I let the patch set for a week and removed the clamp. It was the end of the season, so I let it set all summer. It has lasted several years.
    By the time you ship your track outside and back, you could probably buy a used track instead.
    Good Luck

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    Default Stop Drill it

    I know it works on metal we used to do it all the time so I wonder if you stop drilled it ( kinda like Porting only not so many holes)
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