I've hunted sheep now for 5 years and taken 2 myself and been with others has they have taken an additional 3. This year the stars didnt line up very well for me as every weekend of the sheep hunt had something going on. I was reading in the magazine Hunt Alaska and read the article about a lucky hunter who harvested a ram in a 3 day trip-1 day to get in, one day to hunt and one day to return. As I added things up I realized there might be a chance I could get away but just for the weekend. I was fortunate to be able to switch one of my co workers being on call last weekend so i could get out and try it one more time. I've got this friend that has never been able to connect on any big game animals yet. He has been out several times and things just never lined up for him. I called him and he arranged to meet me after work last friday. Another buddy joined in last minute. That made 3 of us. We drove to the starting point and started floating at 11 p.m. by 1:30 we couldnt see anymore and stopped for a brief night. The alarm woke us at 6:30 and I crawled out of my bag and looked up the mountain to see... ewes. Not a good sign. Its been my experience that where there are ewes there wont be any rams. With the ewes spotted we made breakfast and prepared to float further. Just as we began to gather up camp I looked up one more time to see rams on the hillside. A quick look revealed several sheep on the hillside including several groups of rams and ewes and lambs. We crossed the river at 8:30 am and gained some elevation glassing as we went. About 1/3 of the way to the top we were pinned down by a group of rams watching us at 600 yards then more sheep came out-a single ram- only a 5 year old we watched him walk downwind of us at 185 yards then pass peacefully out of sight then a ewe came from the other direction and she walked downwind of us at 67 yards and didnt care. With them out of the way we glassed more and then below us we spotted 3 more rams about 450 yards out. One definately deserved a closer look so a plan was devised to get closer. As we made our way closer we came over a little rise in the mountain and at 40 yards was a 3/4 curl ram. He spotted us soon after we spotted him and blew out of there and stopped and watched us at 200 yards. With him out of the way we needed to move more to be able to see into the gully where the bigger one disappeared to. After some work we got to the point where we needed to be and as luck would have it he was in the creek bed at about 150 yards. He was joined with another ram we hadnt seen yet that was just a bit shorter than him. The wind shifted or something and they took off running out of the gully out into the open and stopped to see what had spooked them. They knew we were there but they weren't concerened enough to leave the area. After carefully checking out the ram we were confident that he was legal. Now to just get him to turn broadside and give us a good look at his side... After another 5 minutes he turned and I said im ready take him. My buddy made a great 250 yard shot and the ram was down for good. I looked at my watch... 11:34 am, camp was only a half mile away... down hill. That was his fourth year hunting sheep and the first big game animal he has harvested. Good job man. It ended up being just shy of 35 inches and 15/16 curl at 9 years old. We were floating again by 3:30 and stopped for a half hour at 9:30 for some grub. Then back in the river till 1:30 again. We heard a pack of wolves not far from where I origionally wanted to camp so we floated further down to put some space between us and them as we worked hard for that sheep. Then back up at 6:30 and floating by 7:30, at the pullout at 9:45 and back home by 8:30 that night. We were gone 54 hours from home, hunted 3 hours, hiked less than 3 miles and floated 36 miles. Ill attac a picture if i can figure out how and more as he sends them to me. robsheep.bmp