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Thread: Flats are wet today....

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    Default Flats are wet today....

    Was down on the flats today, things are looking good. For not doing any shooting, saw quite a few ducks flying in the rain. Water level seems good, running around in the lake, lots of deep spots to run a small outboard, and of course the mud motors will have no problems. Guys, if you see birds working somebody elses deks, let them work, don't blast them at 100 yds just because you can. You have a better bet blasting them after the guy with the deks gets a shot, they will be lower and flying right over your head for dear life. Respect the rest of the hunters out there, everybody can have fun and hopefully a few ducks. Bud

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    Could not of said it better...I see most see eye to eye on this fact...but you throw in the opening day factor and will be hard to hold back..even for the vets...

    Leaveing in the next hour to head out...hope all have a great shoot tomorrow. Will be nice to start hearing and seeing stories. Let it begin.
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