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    I'm considering a float hunt down the Atigun and Sag rivers. I only have class II experience. Is there normally a time in the fall, before freeze-up, that the water levels drop enough to make the trip doable for me?... If not, is it possible to portage around the gorge?... Is there enough water to float the Atigun in the fall, or would it be primarily a dragging trip rather than a float trip?... Would a better option be to pack in to to confluence of the 2 rivers, then just float the Sag???... Thanks for any help.

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    With water levels as low as the are up there this time of year it looks bad. Bad as in lots to dragging you're boat. I just crossed the atigun and since ive started paying attention to water levels it looks to be about 3 feet low. It makes it less dangerous but also very slow and lots of spots you'll have to drag your boat. I wouldnt recommend hiking to the confluence of the 2. It would be a long walk. the walls of the gorge are very steep- not good for portaging around low spots. Its not for the weak of heart and it tears boats of lesser quality up in a bad way.

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    Thanks for the info Sambuck12. That doesn't sound like a trip I'd want to make... unless I'm using someone else's raft.

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    There are some youtube videos of guys floating this in packrafts. It would probably be a better option than taking bigger frame raft.

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    The Atigun / Sag is a great float, but it is no walk in the park. I have floated it 4 times, and the river is always totally different but it is alway a hard class 3, and if you screw up, the only help would be if you can get a helicopter in. Once you get to the Sag it get easier for awhile then it changes and it is as hard as the Atigun if not harder. I found a raft at the conflunce of the Atigun and Sag this year that must of gotten pinned on a rock at the bottom of the gorge. We were able to salvage 1 gallon jug of Early Time, 3 guinnesis, and a 1 lb block of cheese that the river did not keep. Thats not the first boat that has sacrifice its life to the Atigun / Sag and it won't be the last.


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