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Thread: Recoil guides on King rods?

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    Default Recoil guides on King rods?

    Anybody tried the new Recoil guides on King rods yet? If so, what's the verdict?

    I saw a Loomis rod in Trustworthy (Soldotna) today and some good points were evident. They flex and spring back to shape, and they're incredibly light which makes the rod a little more active. Thy are also supposed to be non-corroding.

    I'm not sure of the cons, but I wonder if they'd deflect too easily under the weight of an average king, and I wonder if the double wire might cause premature line wear. If these things don't happen, I might be using these guides on the next few rods I build. . .

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    Default Recoil guides

    I have heard great things about the recoil guides but have not used them yet. I am currently building an 8 wt. fly rod for silvers/sockeyes, and maybe the occasional king (not kenai kings though), and am using the single foot snake guides by recoil. I don't like the look of their stripper guides though, so I am using fuji titaniums there. Will try to post the results after a few fishing trips this year.


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