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Thread: Moving to Fairbanks in May 2012

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    Talking Moving to Fairbanks in May 2012

    Hello All~

    We lived in Anchroage from 2001-2007. We recently got orders to Eielson AFB and would like more detailed info about the area. We're thinking about buying a house as well. I've been up to Fairbanks a few times, but never stayed around long enough to get to know the area. What are the best and worst parts about living in this area?

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    the worst thing is you need a bigger coat. the best thing about this area is
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    You will defiantly need a bigger coat. If you are looking for a house you will be looking in north pole or moose creek/salcha area for eielson. Fairbanks would be a bit of a commute. The winters are cold but beautiful. If you like xc skiing there are TONS of trails around. Bad parts Fairbanks is tiny compared to Anchorage North Pole is even smaller. Town is full of drunks/ beggers anymore. Summer is awesome probably more Mosquitos than Down there. Hunting seems better fishing not nearly as good as down there. I personally favor the interior to Down there pace of life seems considerably slower traffic is nearly non existent. It should be a good time.


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