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Thread: .452 velocity how much is too little

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    Default .452 velocity how much is too little

    I was hoping to get a few opinions on this one, lets say a 300gr 45lc or 454 hardcast bullet where is the bottom of the window for penetration while still offering fair stopping of toothy clawed critters.......1000fps.....800.....500???

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    I haven't shot any hypothetical bears, but I get through-and-through penetration on deer as far out as I've shot them- roughly 50 yards. That's on a load leaving the muzzle @ 725 fps from my 4 5/8" Blackhawk.

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    I don't own that caliber, but John Taffen put a 475 bullet completely through both sholders of a bison at 60 yards. The bullet left the muzzle at 1000 fps.


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