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Thread: Recommendations for Sag crossing raft...

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    Default Recommendations for Sag crossing raft...

    I'm looking for an inexpensive raft to use solely for crossing the sag river to get to caribou on the other side. Something for me and my wife to get across in, our combined weight is 280 plus bows and a pack or two.

    Any thoughts?

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    I got a raft u can use,rated to 650lbs.Should be enough for the both of u to cross,and then haul two bou and both of u in two crossings.

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    Kottom, what raft do you have? I have been considering getting one myself to cross the sag.

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    Mossyhorn, I just returned from the North Slope four days ago. I suggest you consider just walking across one or two channels of the Sag river. I saw a good number of caribou who stay in the island areas between the channels. There is good cover for an ambush. The river has three to four channels depending on the area. The western most channel was only two and a half feet deep with no strong current. I understand the eastern most channel is the deepest and fast-moving water. Good luck.

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    We used a raft similar to this to get around in the Franklin Bluffs area:

    At one point, we put 3 men, two bows, two packs, and a P&Y caribou in the raft and it held, although it was a bit tippy. We totaled around 750 pounds on that load. The great thing is that it weighs only 45 pounds and can be carried/packed to and from the river without much trouble. My buddy paid $1300 at AK raft and Kayak for it and all the trimmings (oars, patch kit, etc)

    We also walked across the river many times. There are a lot of spots that are 1-2 ft deep that allow you to cross. I actually shot two caribou while waste deep and while they were in the water partway. It was definitely fun dragging them out! If you wear chest waders, you wouldn't even get wet.

    Take care, and be careful, I hear the weather is turning up there.


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