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Thread: Seward 8/27 Weather

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    Exclamation Seward 8/27 Weather

    Did anyone get caught in the bizarre weather around Humpy Cove & the entrance to the El Dorado Narrows last saturday? That was some of the wettest, windiest & just plain wild weather that we have ever seen in Seward. Calm seas with freakin heavy rain followed up by williwaw wind gusts of about 40 knots, low visibility, good visibility, wind driven chop, etc..... We did alot of unplanned trolling in circles before we gave up. Once in awhile we could see Caines Head & it looked almost decent over there. All in all, a very strange day.

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    I was not in Seward that day, I was in PWS in a cove sitting out the blow and rain. We had one gust come thru the cove that actually lifted the 12ft raft off the roof of the boat and pitched it into the water.
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    Yeah, went out with it blowing hard from the North and came back blowing hard from the South after the wind blew me around and wrapped a line on my prop shaft. An hour either side would have been calm! Agree it was weird weather for sure. At least it was calm when I pulled the boat to clear my prop shaft. Only caught 3 while out so things have slowed a lot.


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