About a year ago i started using the product Muscle milk in a daily before breakfast & i drink it on the way to he gym to keep my sugar level to a normal level

I have lean down to about 260 pd now from about 300 pds mark ..The thing i found out was my sugar level stay the same pretty much all day long after drinking one morning shake i make up and following the rest of the day with the meal plan i'm on right now ..

Here is my morning shake i make for my drive to start the day with my gym vist and start the work day

here is items that goes into the morning shake

-1-scoop of muscle milk powder. I use diff flavors so not to get bored with the mix
-1-spoon full's of milk powder. I use powder dried white milk powder from walmart to make the shake and since i use very little milk as it is .The powder milk last a long time
-1-cut up banana
-1-18.oz of cold water from the fridge

Then blend intill smooth and pour in my drink cup and drink it on the way to the gym ..