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    Well every year is different, this year I have a 17ft canoe w/ 6hp go-devil and now I need to find some new places to try. In the past I only had a 4whlr. So I am wondering about some places around Anchorage and Matsu. Info on rabbit creek, Kinik River, 20 mile and such.I took the rig out last night and ran up and down Kinik and did not see much. Any info would be great!! I have seen a few people look for others to go along and like them my normal hunting bud is out of town the next few weeks till our moose trip, so if anyone is running a like rig and would not mind me tagging along please pm me. I will not be able to Thursay AM but might try a run after work Thursday or at very least over the weekend. Thanks for all and any input.

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    All the info you need has been posted in the last week, specifically in the last four days.

    Your set up is perfect for the Jim Creek area up Maud Road. Since it appears you have never been there before, go in the afternoon and scout around. Take the Jim Creek fishing regulation map that shows what parts of the system are closed to salmon fishing. It is one of the best maps out there besides the new images on Google Earth.

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    Brother, you got the perfect boat for anywhere. 20 mile is a good area, jims creek is another are that u will not have any problems accessing... Have fun and good luck
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